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Modern, creative and colorful chairs

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Breathtaking design essentials for your home, office, cafe, restaurant and more.

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We are Wodina. Everything that we do is with passion, beauty and inspiration.
Our mission is to create spaces that maximum colors, exclusivity and modernity to provide you stunning moments in this areas.
We love the industrial edge of wire and forming this material to lifestyle.
The inspiration of our colorful shapes we are getting from the historical streets of Balat/Istanbul.
Vodina Street is the origin of our brand.
We believe in the comfort of wire and a design, which makes a difference to all the soul-destroying furnitures.
Let us bring lifestyle in your rooms.

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A professional designer will work with you

We have experience in the furniture industry since 1968.
Our passion is to create stunning and creative spaces with our colorful chairs and tables.
Our designer will supoort you to make the right choises for your home, office, cafe or restaurant.

Bespoke textile design and production
Furniture production and delivery
Lighting consultation and installation
Furniture staging for events and sales

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“I never envisioned needing as much guidance as Avada Interior Designer has given me, but I’m glad I got in touch!”

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